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Public Access to Case Records:

The Court is currently in the process of digitizing our case records. Files may be temporarily unavailable for public viewing. 


Important Disclosure: These programs and services are available to all parties in a case. The program staff cannot represent any of the parties in a case. No attorney-client relationship is created between any party and the program staff as a result of these services. Communications between parties and program staff are not confidential. The staff can only provide information and education, not legal advice. To receive legal advice, one must hire a private attorney.

The Family Law Facilitator is an attorney available to provide procedural assistance to people who are representing themselves in Family Court.

The self-help center can help with:
  • Family Law
    • Child Custody
    • Child Support
    • Divorce
    • Preparation of Orders
    • Restraining Orders
    • Other Family Law Matters
  • Small Claims
  • Unlawful Detainer/Landlord-Tenant
  • Expungement
  • Civil Harassment
  • CARE Act (Coming Soon)

Self-represented litigants may seek free assistance from the Family Law Facilitator by email or phone during scheduled times. Voicemail messages and/or emails will be returned, and calls will be answered, on a first come first serve basis during the call-in times listed in the monthly schedule found at:
Placerville Family Law Facilitator Monthly Schedule
South Lake Tahoe Family Law Facilitator Monthly Schedule

El Dorado Superior Court
495 Main Street
Placerville, CA 95667

South Lake Tahoe
El Dorado Superior Court
1354 Johnson Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

*Please note that this schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Please be sure to include your name, phone number, and case number (if you have one) with your request.

If you would like your forms reviewed by the Family Law Facilitator prior to filing your documents with the Court, you may submit your completed forms to the Facilitator for review in one of the following ways:

El Dorado Superior Court
495 Main Street
Placerville, CA 95667

South Lake Tahoe
El Dorado Superior Court
1354 Johnson Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

For Mail or Drop Box Submissions: Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so your documents may be returned to you after review.

*Please Note: The Family Law Facilitator does not file your documents for you. 

Once your forms have been reviewed and returned to you, you will need to submit the original and at least two copies, along with the required filing fee or a completed fee waiver application, to the Clerk of the Court for filing. You will also need to provide a paid postage, self-addressed envelope to allow the Court Clerk to return your copies.

Self-represented individuals may seek free assistance with civil matters such as small claims, unlawful detainers, name changes, landlord-tenant and civil harassment restraining orders through the Court’s Office of the Family Law Facilitator/Self-Help Center located at the Main Street Branch, 495 Main Street Placerville, CA 95667. 

Before visiting in person, please check the Family Law Facilitator Monthly Schedule for walk-in clinic and call-in hours.
Phone: (530) 621-5098

The Family Law Facilitator's Office offers monthly workshops via zoom and in person at the El Dorado Law Library on the following topics:

  • Beginning a Divorce
  • Preparing for the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure
  • Family Law Trial Preparation


The Self-Help Center cannot help with:
  • Probate
  • Guardianship
  • Conservatorship

For assistance with these matters, you may visit the following resources1:

1This list of resources is not comprehensive and is provided for informational purposes only. Listed resources are not intended as an endorsement by Superior Court of California, County of El Dorado of any organization/agency.

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