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COVID-19 and Court Operations:

The El Dorado County Superior Court has modified existing pandemic precautions and procedures to comply with new state and federal health and safety regulations.  More Information

Record Search Requests

Search of Records

Record searches on-site are to be conducted at the department which handles that particular case type. Please contact the appropriate Court Branch Location listed to the right. Older files and closed files are stored off-site and must be ordered. Off-site retrieval takes approximately 15 business days and there is a $10.00 standard retrieval fee for each file or box requested and a $40.00 rush retrieval fee for each file or box requested. Requests may be submitted by mail, fax or at the counter at each Court Branch Location.

If You Have a Case Number

If you have a case number and you would like to see the file, submit Local Form M-5. You can submit the form by mail or in person at the clerk’s counter.

If you are requesting a search of more than 3 names and/or case files, your request will need to be left at the Court for processing. All requests left at the Court will be conducted on a first come/first serve basis and will be completed within 15 business days.

If You Do Not Have a Case Number

You can research the Online Case Index (Temporarily Unavailable) or submit Local Form M-6. You can submit the form by mail or in person at the clerk’s counter. The Online Case Index only lists cases filed after 2000.

If your case was filed before 2000, you can look through the manual index books located at each Court Branch Location. You can also request the Clerk to research for you for a fee.

Outside Public Agencies, Justice Partners and General Public

If you are searching for criminal records and know specifics of your search, please submit Local Form M-55. You may submit by mail or in person at the clerk’s office. Provide a check payable to the El Dorado Superior Court, for an amount “not to exceed $__________, and your request will be processed timely.


    • Record Search: $15.00 (for each search of records or files that requires more than 10 minutes)
    • Copies of Documents: $0.50 (per page)
    • Certified Copy: $40.00 (per document plus copy fee)
    • Storage Retrieval: $10.00 – Standard Retrieval; $40.00 Rush Retrieval
    • Copy of retained Judgment from a purged file : $15.00

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