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Public Access to Case Records:

The Court is currently in the process of digitizing our case records. Files may be temporarily unavailable for public viewing. 


Procurement Requirements

  • Bids or RFPs are posted as soon as possible after issuance, and are removed from this page as soon as possible after the due date. Bids or proposals received after the due dates, even though the bids or RFPs are still listed on this web page, will be rejected.
  • El Dorado County Superior Court procedure for the protest process of a Bid or Proposal. Any protests will be handled in accordance with Chapter 7 of the Judicial Branch Contract Manual.
  • Click here for the Standard Business Definitions, Terms and Conditions of the Court.

Current Request for Proposals (RFP)

None at this time.

Current Request for Quotes (RFQ)

None at this time.

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