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Public Notice

Calendar Changes Effective 03/04/2024 View Here

El Dorado County Civil Grand Jury is Now Accepting Applications.

Click Here for more information.

Public Access to Case Records:

The Court is currently in the process of digitizing our case records. Files may be temporarily unavailable for public viewing. 

Remote Appearances

Pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 367.75,  California Rules of Court (CRC), rule 3.672, and Penal Code Sections 977, 977.3, and 1043.5 the El Dorado Superior Court offers the opportunity to appear remotely via Zoom in various case types. 

Notice: Any recording of a court proceeding held remotely, including "screen-shots" or other audio or visual copying of a proceeding, is prohibited pursuant to the California Rules of Court, rule 1.150.


To request a remote appearance, file the appropriate form in the department you are scheduled to appear.

Requests to appear remotely may be filed electronically in Civil, Family, Probate, & Small Claims matters.


CIVIL, family, probate, & small claims
Notice of Remote Appearance RA-010
Order Regarding Remote Appearance RA-020
Opposition to Remote Proceeding at Evidentiary Hearing or Trial RA-015
Request to Appear Remotely RA-025
Request to Compel Physical Presence RA-030
Application and Order for Videoconference Appearance    M-51  

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